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Monday, October 28, 2013

Divergent by Veronica Roth

Okay, I'm going to do this summary a bit different since there is such an information overload in this book.  Let's start with the factions and main characters:

There are five "factions" in the community where Beatrice lives.
1. Abnegation- the selfless, identified by their neutrally colored clothing, make up most of the government in the community since they are honest and trustworthy
2. Dauntless- the brave, have tattoos and wear dark clothing, protect the city. use simulation serum's to teach control of fear
3. Amity- the peaceful, wear colorful red and yellow clothing, do the farming for the community
4. Candor- the honest, dress in formal type wear such as suits, good with debates. use truth serum to get information
5. Erudite- the intelligent, high tech faction craving knowledge, also has a few leaders in the government

The characters:
Beatrice (known as Tris once she joins Dauntless)- the main character
Four (also known as Tobias)- Tris Dauntless instructor and love interest
Christina- Tris best friend
Caleb- Tris brother
Will- a Dauntless initiate in training with Tris, one of Tris's friends
Al- another of Tris's friends who ends up committing suicide
Tori- one of the leaders of Dauntless; a tattoo artist; first person to tell Tris she's Divergent
Eric- another leader of Dauntless; we find out he is working with Jeanine Matthews
Jeanine- leader of Erudite; using simulation serum to take over Dauntless and make an army against Abnegation
Peter- a Dauntless initiate who stabs Edward and tries to kill Tris
Edward- a Dauntless initiate who is stabbed in the eye by Peter due to Peter's jealousy that he is in 1st place among the rankings
Natalie and Andrew Prior- Tris parents; members of Abnegation
Marcus- Four's father; leader of Abnegation
Molly- Dauntless initiate with a grudge against Tris

So normally this would be where I put the plot summary, but Wikipedia has it about summed up so I will just put the link here:

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