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Friday, August 22, 2014

The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden #1) by Julie Kagawa

Allison (Allie)- main character, former human turned vampire
Kanin- Allie's vampire sire
Ezekiel (Zeke)- human love interest
Bethany,Caleb, Darren- members of the small human group trying to find Eden
Jebbadiah- Zeke's adoptive father, leader of the band heading to Eden
Jackal- Allie's brother, also sired by Kanin, Master of a city of human raiders:formerly Chicago
Sarren- a crazy vampire with a vengeance
Salazar- Master vampire of New Covington
Stick- Allie's former best friend

     Allie is a human living in the Fringe, the outskirts of a walled vampire ruled city. She is considered an Unregistered, which means she does not report to the vampire rulers and guards of the city to give blood in exchange for food.
    In New Covington, there are also humans which live in the Inner Circle of the city called "pets", which means the human has become bound by loyalty to one vampire to be fed upon whenever desired. This is often done to escape the horrible conditions of the Fringe, where scavenging for each meal if Unregistered is a necessity.
     Allie soon sneaks outside the city walls through the sewer tunnels to go find food and supplies because everything has become scarce due to so many Unregistered gangs competing for territory.
     When she finds an abandoned house loaded with supplies (and a creepy ass deer who is inflicted with Rabidism), she goes back to the Fringe to tell her small gang of friends so they can raid it.
     They return to the house but while trying to make their way back to the city are attacked by Rabids. Rabids are humans which have turned to a kind of vampire/mindless zombie not capable of doing anything but attacking and trying to kill whatever they see. More on how Rabidism came about later.
     All Allie's friends are killed except Stick, and when a Rabid comes after him, she lures it away and it attacks her while Stick escapes.
     On the brink of death, Kanin comes along and kills the Rabids and tells Allie he can turn her into a vampire if she doesn't want to die. She agrees.
     Kanin begins training Allie in the ways of living as a vampire while they live in an abandoned hospital in New Covington.  We also find out that Kanin was once a master vampire but is in hiding because all other Masters want to kill him now, since he had begun capturing vampires and turning them in to human scientists for experimentation to try to cure Red Lung with vampire blood. Red Lung is the disease which caused the world to almost be completely vanquished of human life in years prior.
     Kanin tells Allie this was also where Rabidism began. Most of the humans being experimented upon were dying or going crazy. When a few of the scientists decided the cost was greater than the reward, a fight amongst the scientists broke out.
     The scientists against continuing the experiments started a fire to try to kill the remaining patients who were suffering and destroy the labs for good, but the Rabid humans escaped from the hospital and with the vampire blood mixed with the disease, a new form of Red Lung arose which is now called Rabidism.
     Most humans and vampires are carriers of Rabidism now since it mutated to become airborne, hence why when new vampires are sired they are usually just Rabids unless a Master vampire does the turning, and even then there's a great chance of the protege being rabid.
     Allie goes to see if Stick is okay, but when she tries to talk to him he flees from her since she's a vampire now, and ends up turning her and Kanin in to Salazar in exchange for protection and the chance to be Salazar's pet.  Another Master vampire, Sarren, hears of this and attacks Kanin and Allie in their hiding place.
     Sarren has been tracking Kanin for years, even though the other Masters had given up, due to the fact that he was one of the vampires the scientists experimented on and was tortured, therefore holding a huge grudge and determined to get vengeance against Kanin.
     They escape by Allie stabbing Sarren in the eye, something he won't soon forget. When trying to escape the city, Salazar has now sent his guards to capture Kanin, and in a desperate attempt to save Allie, Kanin lags behind to be captured so she can escape.

*Note: this next section will not be as detailed since its been a while since I read the first book and can't remember all the intricacies.

     After wandering alone for months, Allie hears a human child crying and instead of killing him,  returns him to his group. Not knowing she is a vampire, they invite her to join up with them. She does, and slowly comes to like these humans and even falls in love with one teenage boy, Zeke.
     Jebbadiah, Zeke, and the others are searching for a place called Eden, which is supposed to be a walled city like New Covington but free of vampire rule.
     When Allie reveals that she is a vampire to Zeke and the others, they say they won't kill her but she must leave them. She agrees but follows them from a distance since she still wants to protect them.
     The humans are captured by raiders and taken to Jackel, who has been searching for Jebbadiah. It is revealed that Jeb is of the lineage of one of the main scientists who had been searching for a cure, and all records of the research had been passed down to him. Jackel wants this info to try to be able to turn his human raider city into a vampire army to take over the other cities, since currently all his efforts to turn have only resulted in Rabids.
     Allie is able to rescue Zeke and a few of the others, but Zeke's best friend and Jeb are killed by Jackel. He attacks Allie, stabs and throws her from a high window, but Zeke finds her and gives his blood so Allie can live.
     They find Eden, but Allie says goodbye since she knows she won't be allowed to stay in the city once they find out she's a vampire and tells Zeke she has to go look for Kanin since she's felt his blood tie that he's still alive.

End of Book 1

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