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Friday, September 12, 2014

Opposition (Lux #5) by Jennifer Armentrout review

   This was a good ending to the series as far as the wrap-up of the characters, but honestly, I was just bored most of the way through the book. Same old overprotective Daemon, same old paranoid Katy, same old 50 gazillion pages of nothing but "Oh, Daemon, I love you so much, your eyes are like blue frisbees floating across a park while the sunlight hits them"...and no, that's not a direct quote, but you get the gist of it.
     For a YA novel, I feel this book was much too risque, and if my 14 year old daughter hadn't read it before me, there is no way I would have let her read it had I known the content. The other books were pushing the limit (for YA), but nothing like this.  Every few pages seemed to be more 50 shades of grey than the Lux series I originally came to love.
     Sex scenes are described with little left to the imagination, and I really didn't feel any of it was necessary to the story other than the wedding day love scene.  I really think Armentrout should have taken cues from John Green or Stephanie Meyer with how to write a love scene for a young adult book. With their novels, you know what's going on without every action being described in detail, and with theirs, sex comes across as love, rather than the way Armentrout portrayed it....as love coming across through sex. What kind of an example does that set for teen girls?
     Daemon went from being the "holy crap, I wish I was a teenager again so I could crush on this guy without looking like an old weirdo", to making me feel like an old granny shaking her head because he was constantly referencing something sexual to Katy, even in the most tension filled times and I became completely sick of it.
    All around, if you want to know what happens to the characters, I say go ahead and pick it up, but otherwise I would veer far away from this mess of a book, and I especially wouldn't let kids under 16 read it.
     I'm going to go read The Fault in Our Stars now so I can renew my faith in young love after this wreck. See you at the next review!

2 out of 5 stars

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