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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Quarantine:The Burnouts by Lex Thomas review

     What the heck was that? Seriously! Just....what?
     I finally finished this series today and I am so disappointed in this ending that I don't even know where to begin. They take a character I came to know and like and made him seem completely unimportant by the end of the book, while letting another who never would have actually survived on their own in this world and making them seem to be the whole reason for the series.
     Those last couple sentences will only make sense to others who have read the book, but those who have completely get what I'm talking about.
     Was it a memorable series? Absolutely, but with that ending I think it's definitely not going to be put on many must read lists anytime soon.
     Another Divergent-esque surprise ending, yet not nearly as thoughtfully planned out.  Two babies? Really?
     Wasn't this trilogy entirely based on the world building and figuring out how the characters would make it knowing everything they were familiar with had been destroyed? If so, then why didn't the authors at least give us some kind of closure to the main players? Telling me Zachary now works at a theater store in New York in two sentences does not an ending make. What about Sasha??? What about these kids who were put to death by the government???
     Yet the others act like it didn't happen and go back to everyday life? Shouldn't there be a revolution against these ppl??? I just don't buy it.
      If there was to be another book I may feel differently, but if this is really the last then....just....no.

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